Salt Creek & Linch Complex

FDL’s Powder River assets are comprised of two fields across 27,000 net acres: Salt Creek and the Linch Complex. Discovered in 1908, Salt Creek is the seventh largest, single-operator oilfield in the contiguous United States and accounts for more than 20% of Wyoming’s cumulative oil production. The field has been under CO2 flood since 2003. FDL currently operates 7,600 net Bbl/d at Salt Creek and is expanding the CO2 flood into two additional producing horizons. Since acquisition, FDL was able to reduce operating costs by 30% and drilling costs by 65%. The Linch Complex is an adjacent group of three fields producing 57 net Bbl/d under waterflood. FDL has identified the potential for 15 MMbbl of CO2 reserves in the Linch fields.

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